Roadside Vegetation Management and Clearing in Ontario

We take your vegetation management needs seriously! Our goal is to provide the service, support and value that you require. Our low environmental impact, custom wet blade zero drift mowing and herbicide combination service, is the answer.

Green Stream Vegetation and Lawn Services Overview

  • Custom mowing & herbicide combination services, utilizing WET BLADE ZERO DRIFT TECHNOLOGY.
  • Custom noxious weed & brush services. Including effective programs for controlling “PHRAGMITES”.
  • Custom roadside right-of-way, guard rail & median services.
  • IPM Accredited Agent for landscape & public works.
  • Consulting on IPM program development for the MOE Public Works Reporting & Accreditation Requirements.
  • Over 15 years of experience, managing vegetation, including lawn care, roadside & rail road right-of-ways.
  • Landscape, industrial, & forestry exterminator licensed applicators.