Eco-Blade Green Stream’s Green Roadside Vegetation Solution

Ontario green roadside vegetation management with Eco-bladeThe Ecoblade system cuts and kills unwanted vegetation in just one pass by delivering potent herbicide directly to the cut surface. It’s eco-friendly and economical.

Using innovative WetBlade technology, the Ecoblade cuts through unwanted vegetation and applies herbicide simultaneously in the same swipe, saving you on both equipment and operating expenses. And by delivering chemicals directly to the blade, there’s no wasted herbicide, no wind drift, and no ground soak. It’s good news for Mother Nature, bad news for weeds.

The Ecoblade isn’t just better for the environment; it’s better for you and your budget. Because spraying is eliminated with Ecoblade, there’s no danger of excess chemicals soaking into the ground or floating through the air — thus reducing the impact on the environment and keeping the operator out of hazardous conditions.Ecoblade’s reusable Flo-Thru Cells are delivered pre-mixed with herbicide. Diamond’s Flo-Thru Cell supplier will even handle the delivery and disposal for you.

Call Green Stream today and implement Eco-Blade into your roadside management program.

How Eco-Blade Works